River Ness to get a new hydro and visitor centre

David Tye

The Scottish Highland council are installing a twin screw hydro generator to produce 93kW, the turbines will be suppling the nearby Inverness Leisure Centre with approximately 50% of their electricity. A visitor centre is also planned at the site, so why not visit.

P3 Controls have built the control panel and software, ready to commission early 2022.

For additional information see the council website..    Highland_Council_River_Ness_Hydro

First control panel to leave the new workshop

David Tye

Soon after moving into our new workshop in Cupar Fife, it was all systems go with the first control panel heading to Reading. For a community project to build a twin Archimedes screw hydro generator on the River Thames.

The fully tested and panel with PLC and HMI software loaded, was delivered to the principal contractor ready for commissioing later in the year.

For more information see the community website Reading Hydro Project

Siemens Networking Changes

David Tye

A site visit to change the IP Addresses of a Siemens S7 PLC, Siemens HMI and ABB Drive system on a 40Kw hydro Archimedes screw generator in Rochdale, allowing the OEM remote support and fault diagnostic from their offices via VPN.

Commissioning of a 39Kw Archimedes Hydro Generator, Edinburgh

David Tye

A few cold days by the Water of Leith river in Saughton Park Edinburgh commissioning a new 39 Kw single screw generator extracting zero carbon electricity from the river. This Hydro Generator generates enough power for all of Saughton parks electricity requirements and any surplus gets sold back to the national grid.

Hydro Generator Service Visit

David Tye

A day out by the river at South Esk.
Providing our services for an Electrical Service inspection of a 100 Kw Hydro generator, inspecting, testing and cleaning the control panel, drive and generator. The Hydro has now generated 604MWh of clean renewable energy, and after the service will continue to add to this total for many years to come.
For further details on our service visits please contact us.


Let The Building Commence!!!


Following an order from our client for four Hydro Generator control panels, Our panel shop is busy drilling and tapping chassis plates ready to accept the hardware ready for wiring and system test. Again Quality Siemens hardware is used all the way from contactors to the main PLC controller and HMI.