Retrofit and Upgrades


Often machines in industry can last for decades mechanically, but electrically as technology changes so fast our customers find their equipment fails or becomes unreliable due to old obsolete electrical hardware.

Our engineers have years of experience in upgrading many types of PLCs, HMIs and drives, even between vendors if required.

Some of the projects we have completed include.

  • Siemens S5 to Allen Bradley ConpactLogix (PLC and HMI on a Palletiser)
  • Allen Bradley SLC 500 to the latest Logix Designer (4 SLCs into one Controllogix on a Printing Press)
  • Allen Bradley SLC 500/4 to Siemens Simatic S7 (Blending machine)
  • ABB to Allen Bradley Compactlogix using existing ABB IO with an interface on CS31 Bus

With Siemens Simatic S5 becoming obsolete in September 2020 now is the time to think about upgrading old PLCs and HMIs to the latest offerings from your preferred supplier. With Siemens Field PG laptops our engineers can go online and support your production.

Contract us for more information on how we can help.