For Sale Automation Hardware

David Tye

Electrical Part Finder is a service we offer for both buying and selling older obsolete harder to find Electrical Automation Hardware. We hold a stock of new and used PLCs, PLC I/O Cards, HMIs, Drives, Motors, Motor Control Gear and Switchgear.

Update of our P3 MAS Recipe System

David Tye

Having served us well over the past 10 years, it was time to rewite our P3 MAS (Mixer Automation System) to bring it up to date with Technology. Written originally in 2010 for a Windows XP / 7 machine using an SQL database, it has worked flawlessly making thousands of batches of Fabric Conditioner and All-purpose cleaners over the past 10 years.

With Microsoft removing support for windows 7, it was time for a complete rewrite. Moving away from the SQL database to Flat XML files will allow easier backup and restore of recipe files and direct communications to the Siemens S7 and Allen Bradley PLCs will simplify the PLC code required for the system. Fully windows 10 compliant the new system will now be called “MixerNet” as it uses the Microsoft .Net framework.

Safe Contactor Accreditation Renewal Approved

David Tye

Alcumus Safe Contractor has performed the annual audit of our procedures, RAMS, Insurance and Policies, giving our customers peace of mind that they are employing a “Safe Contractor” who will work safely on their sites. Accreditation has been awarded again for the next 12 months.

Always Working Safely on Site.

Customer Support Contracts

David Tye

One of our customers, a large manufacturer of household liquids such as bleach, washing up liquid and fabric conditioners in Manchester have placed an order for our silver support contract, giving them 24 Hour callouts, VPN Remote Support, Siemens PLC Training, Apprentice Development and Peace of Mind.

Siemens Networking Changes

David Tye

A site visit to change the IP Addresses of a Siemens S7 PLC, Siemens HMI and ABB Drive system on a 40Kw hydro Archimedes screw generator in Rochdale, allowing the OEM remote support and fault diagnostic from their offices via VPN.

Critical Breakdown. DeviceNet Fault Diagnostic on 20 head Bleach Filling machine

David Tye

Breakdown call out to diagnose and fix a machine fault on a Farason 20 head bleach filling machine in Manchester. Cable and termination issues were causing the loss of all 20 loadcells on a DeviceNet network. Various fault-finding skills and the digital storage oscilloscope were used to identify problems with cable lengths, Baud Rates, and terminations.

The machine is now back in production filling on all 20 heads.

Customer Support, Profibus Fault on Case Packing machine

David Tye

Requested to try and diagnose an intermittent Profibus fault on an ETT case packing machine. With only 6 nodes on the Profibus network the machine would stop randomly with a profibus error while in motion. Using some trap code inserted into the PLC OB’s and a screwdriver, the fault was tracked down to a damaged Profibus Connector making some nodes drop off the network due to the vibration. This was replaced and the machine was put back into service.

Allen Bradley SLC500 to Controllogix Migration, New Zealand.

David Tye

We Provided our PLC programming service to the OEM to convert several Allen Bradley SLC500/4 PLCs and combing them into one central 1756-L82E Controllogix, removing some DeviceNet and RIO networks.  Rewriting code to make it more readable, converting the comments from French to English to aid the maintenance technicians in fault finding after the code has been commissioned.

P3 Automation mixer system goes on and on!

David Tye

One of our mixing systems that was installed in 2010 has now produced
13,682 x 10 Ton Batches of Fabric Conditioner
• Producing 136,824,168 Liters of Fabric Conditioner
• Which will have filled a whopping 182,432,224 Bottles (750ml) of Fabric Conditioner

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