Tripple pump control panels delivered

The large 8 panel suite build is complete, factory tested and has been delivered, ready for the on site installation. All work was completed in house to a high standard by our experiensed engineers.

The final System Arrangement

  • Enclosure 1: System Programable Logic Controller (PLC) + Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Enclosure 2: Power Distribution (230v & 24v)
  • Enclosure 3: Pump Motor 1, Switchgear
  • Enclosure 4: Pump Motor 2, Switchgear
  • Enclosure 5: Pump Motor 3, Switchgear
  • Enclosure 6: Power Factor Correction 150 KVAR
  • Enclosure 7: Mains Incomer 1600A (Transformer)
  • Enclosure 8: Mains Incomer 1600A (Generator)
  • 1600A Busbar system to enclosures 3,4,5,6,7,8

Ready to deliver

Power Factor correction

Pump SoftStarter

Power Distribution


and delivered to site perfect fit!

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