Siemens Networking Changes

David Tye

A site visit to change the IP Addresses of a Siemens S7 PLC, Siemens HMI and ABB Drive system on a 40Kw hydro Archimedes screw generator in Rochdale, allowing the OEM remote support and fault diagnostic from their offices via VPN.

Critical Breakdown. DeviceNet Fault Diagnostic on 20 head Bleach Filling machine

David Tye

Breakdown call out to diagnose and fix a machine fault on a Farason 20 head bleach filling machine in Manchester. Cable and termination issues were causing the loss of all 20 loadcells on a DeviceNet network. Various fault-finding skills and the digital storage oscilloscope were used to identify problems with cable lengths, Baud Rates, and terminations.

The machine is now back in production filling on all 20 heads.

Customer Support, Profibus Fault on Case Packing machine

David Tye

Requested to try and diagnose an intermittent Profibus fault on an ETT case packing machine. With only 6 nodes on the Profibus network the machine would stop randomly with a profibus error while in motion. Using some trap code inserted into the PLC OB’s and a screwdriver, the fault was tracked down to a damaged Profibus Connector making some nodes drop off the network due to the vibration. This was replaced and the machine was put back into service.

Allen Bradley PLC and HMI software development for control system upgrade, Indiana, USA

David Tye

Phase one of a controls upgrade on a Goss Metroliner press in Munster Indiana. We have provided our PLC and HMI software design services to the OEM replacing obsolete Harland Simon Intella PLCs with Allen Bradley 1769 Compactlogix PLCs, and replacing the Goss unit facia with Panelview Plus HMIs.

Writing all the bespoke code for both the HMIs and PLCs, maintaining all the functionality and providing diagnostic enhancements. At the same time changing the main press communication protocol from Profibus FDL to Ethernet.


Controls Upgrade on a Goss Colorliner Printing Press, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

David Tye

Working for the Machine OEM providing commissioning and site management services, we started the changeover and commissioning process on a Goss Colorliner printing press located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The machine has the outdated and obsolete Goss APCS control system and is being replaced with an Allen Bradley Control Logix and Compact Logix control system communicating on Ethernet/IP instead of the original 4 wire RS422 communication.

Allen Bradley SLC500 to Controllogix Migration, New Zealand.

David Tye

We Provided our PLC programming service to the OEM to convert several Allen Bradley SLC500/4 PLCs and combing them into one central 1756-L82E Controllogix, removing some DeviceNet and RIO networks.  Rewriting code to make it more readable, converting the comments from French to English to aid the maintenance technicians in fault finding after the code has been commissioned.

Commissioning of a 39Kw Archimedes Hydro Generator, Edinburgh

David Tye

A few cold days by the Water of Leith river in Saughton Park Edinburgh commissioning a new 39 Kw single screw generator extracting zero carbon electricity from the river. This Hydro Generator generates enough power for all of Saughton parks electricity requirements and any surplus gets sold back to the national grid.

Press Line Reconfiguration and Extension, New York, USA

David Tye

Working for the Machine OEM providing commissioning and site management services, one on the seven press lines at the largest newspaper manufacturer in the USA was reconfigured to give more colour capacity and a backup press for the larger modern Goss Colorliner 80 press line.  Replacing two Mono units with 2 four colour units and adding missing couples to a 4+1 print tower allowed and extra 20 colour pages straight and 40 pages collect.

Using local labour from the IBEW Local 3 Electrical Union in New York to provide all electrical modifications to the print units and the addition of an extra 150HP Allen Bradley PowerFlex 700 drive to assist the other 10 x 150HP Allen Bradley PowerFlex 700 drive running the line shaft.

CT50 Reelstand Upgrade, Arizona, USA

David Tye

Working for the Machine OEM providing software and hardware commissioning of a Drive Side control panel upgrade to improve the reliability and procurement of Spares for multiple CT50 Goss reel stands. This modification removed the drive side control plate from the reelstand and replaced it with a new control plate with new Allen Bradley PowerFlex DC drive, Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC and new Motor control gear. The modification was quick, only requiring the reelstand to be out of service for two days.

Before         After

Annual Instrumentation Service of Esterquat Storage System

David Tye

We provide an annual instrumentation check / calibration of the Esterquat control system at our customers site checking all the temperature zones and level sensors are still measuring to spec using a calibrated Atex Process Calibrator. This gives our customer piece of mind the control system is still functioning correctly and helps them with the HSE requirements being a top tier COMAH site.

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