Conversion Of KBA Printing Units


Working for Harland Simon, we provided our conversion and commissioning services to convert two KBA web offset printing units located at the Desert Sun Newspapers in Palm Springs, USA. The conversion involved removing the KBA/ABB   KT98 controllers and DC91 IO modules on CS31 bus,  and replacing them with Allen Bradley Compact Logix controllers and Point I/O.

Conversion Of Goss Printing Units


Gramedia Publishing in Jakarta, Indonesia choose Harland  Simon to upgrade their current Intella 310 and 400 control system. This upgrade involved swapping out the old Harland Simon Intella PLCs and replacing them with Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC’s and Allen Bradley Point I/O. This was the final phase of the conversion, Harland Simon engineers had already completed changing the old DC drive system to a modern supportable Allen Bradley Power Flex DC drive system and upgrading all the reelstands to supportable Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLCs. We provided our services to convert and re-commission the Goss printing unit

Let The Building Commence!!!


Following an order from our client for four Hydro Generator control panels, Our panel shop is busy drilling and tapping chassis plates ready to accept the hardware ready for wiring and system test. Again Quality Siemens hardware is used all the way from contactors to the main PLC controller and HMI.

Pigging System Upgrade


When a new production line was installed at Robert Mc Bride in Middleton, we upgraded the existing product recovery system. This involved adding a new plc control panel and HMI panel at the line side.

The reasons for the upgrade were

  • To replace some failing obsolete plc hardware
  • Improve the look of the system
  • To give a better operator interface & diagnostics

Control system
Siemens S7-300 Plc, Siemens TP277 colour HMI

Our scope
Siemens S7 Plc software design, HMI Software design (WinCC Flexible), Onsite system commissioning

Newspaper Printing Press Controls Upgrades


Providing our services to Harland Simon, we are part of the site commissioning team providing control system upgrades at various printing centres around the world. Some of the sites we have worked at are…

  • Broughton Printers (Preston)
  • Yorkshire Post (Leeds)
  • Trafford Park Printers (Manchester)
  • Archant Print (Norwich)
  • Sabah Newspapers (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Hurriyet Newspapers (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Press and Journals (Aberdeen)
  • Goss International (Durham, NH, USA)

Control systems
Harland Simon Intella 120, 200, 300, 400 and 500 range of PLC, Prima 6000 Control desks, Prima Management Systems, Harland Simon Micropower Drives, Indramat Drives, Siemens Master Drive MC, Siemens S7 Plc’s , B&R Plcs, Allen Bradley ControlLogix

Printing presses
Goss T60, Goss T70, Goss HT70, Goss Colorliner 80, Heidelberg Mainstream 80, KBA TR6, KBA TR12

Our scope
Onsite system commissioning

Vacuum Mixing System & Bulk Powder Handling


The system consisted of the following

  • Two 3 Ton mixing vessels with mixers and anchors
  • Two 1.5 Ton powder batch bins
  • One 5 Ton pre melt vessel with mixers and temperature heating control and re-circulation
  • Vacuum powder transfer with vac hoppers
  • Bulk material transfer and quantity display
  • Filling off system

Control system
Siemens S7-300 Plc, 2 x ET200M Remote I/O stations, 4 x Siemens TP177 Monochrome HMIs, 8 x Allen Bradley Power Flex (Sensorless Vector Drives) from 5.5kW to 45kW

Our scope
Siemens S7 Plc software design, Onsite system commissioning

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